Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hmm, if I can't keep a journal very well....

I happened to be inspired to try to keep up a blog better....BUT, we all know that this is a long shot...;) I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to keeping a journal, but HEY, might as well try right? :) to sum up the summer in ONE blog? Well...I say, let's go to the pictures! WOO!

Ready? Set? GO!

1) Discovered how I have awesome roommates! AND...jumping into Lake Mary at night, is quite an exciting way to end a night :)

2) Dated a boy, not just a boy. He's pretty much awesome :) We've moved on, BUT, we learned a lot. I'm grateful for experiences like that :)

3) Went to Paris, France!!!! .......NOT! I wish...:( BUT, hey the one in Vegas is the best I could do...:D

4) Was a good citizen with my roommate and picked up trash near our apartment complex...GO SERVICE!

5) Got stuck in 115 degree weather, 12 miles outside of Bullhead City, for about an hour. Good times? Eh, maybe not so much. But at least we know how to fix an overheated car!

6) Hung out with the coolest people I know...MISSIONARIES! Which btw...I miss Sister Bowles :(

7) Got my trash kicked in bowling...though 2nd place isn't bad! ;) Props to Sister Kilgrow and her amazing bowling skills...I'm just saying.

8) Discovered the happiness that yellow minions are RIDICULOUSLY cute. AND...that wearing 3D glasses over regular glasses...stinks.

9) Picked up a guitar and realized how easy Taylor Swift songs are to play :) Happiness for songs that have the D, A, Em, G chords!! :D

10) How AWESOME the game of Quelf is :) AND, how Nick is like the coolest person/friend ever!! :)

11) How wearing a name tag just makes you feel like a COOL kid B) Emphasis on cool.

12) That one of the easiest ways to make Marr-Rhyzle to place her in a situation where there are a bunch of missionaries around!! :D

13) That not only are Snuggies AWESOME (I don't care what anyone says...they're AWESOME!)...but they double as jedi/monk robes!

14) Playing "King of the Rock" on the Colorado River, with a little floaty mattress and 4 people...equals a great couple hours of fun!

15) Two words. MUSTACHE PARTY. Nuff said fool.

16) Going to lava tubes with good friends....good times. COLD? Yes. DARK? Yes. FUN TIMES? Abso-stinking-LUTELY.

ANYWAY. That's just a little insight into the shenanigans of my summer. Quite eventful in my opinion. If you want to know more...guess you'll have to facebook stalk me...haha. JK. Seriously, don't creep on me. That's weird :) Anywho, have a fantastic day. I have institute class soon anyhow :) Tally ho for now.

Love, Marr-Rhyzle.